Welcome to Jenny Wren Bakery—a wholesale bakery featuring cookies and bars.

At Jenny Wren, we dedicate artisanal care to each and every treat we bake.

Our Overriding Passion?

To insure that your little indulgence, whether paired with a cup of coffee or served as the fitting conclusion to a healthy lunch, is thoroughly satisfying.

That satisfaction is the result of our dedication to craft baking:

  • Choice, local, high-quality ingredients

  • All-scratch recipes

  • And nearly two decades of passion and experience.

We don’t stray from a limited product line of great standbys, which allows us to consistently deliver fresh, scrumptious goodness.

Jenny Wren Bakery is the creative result of me, Jennifer Clancy.

I have two decades of professional baking experience, and a lifetime love of all things sweet:

  • my husband and kids
  • our West Seattle community
  • and of course, lots of cookies.


Jennifer Clancy

Jennifer Clancy